This is a page for people to discuss the creation and implementation of fictional documents, structure, and events associated with the secret government organization dubbed "The Professionals" by the conspirators.

The Professionals know about the true nature of the Universe and use the "mind over matter" thought to manipulate world events. Naturally, they don't want the public to know about this and their role would be to try and prevent word from getting out (they wouldn't succeed for our purposes, obviously). The organization would consist of cold-mannered people in suits dedicated to the task of keeping the secrets of the Universe hidden by any means necessary.

My thoughts are that people can create the lore as well as fake leaked documents for conspirators and the "!? organization" to use in their blog posts and rants, as a way of corroborating their evidence that something is up and the government knows about it.

The people interested in this piece of things could also take part in the other events put on by the other two groups at work as members of "The Professionals" organization.