I am not the person in charge of the grassroots campaign but I would be happy to participate in the group. In my mind, I imagine the grassroots team would argue aliens live among us. I thought we would act like the conspiracy theorists who challenge the Professionals. Specifically, I was thinking I could act as a blogger who post journal entries about Martian sightings in the local area.

Journal Entry 3/1/11

I spotted a weird looking creature run around the bushes near the student health center at San Francisco State. From afar it looked bigger than an average size rat, but as I approached the creature I noticed it had hands, legs, big eyes, and other physical traits that resemble a human. Before I could take the animal’s picture my cell phone went off which startled the creature. The animal scurried into the bushes and I could not find the creature. I asked school officials if there was a rodent infestation or a homeless person sneaking into the health center for medical supplies. However, as they were about to answer my question two men in black suits grabbed and pushed off to the side. They told me there is nothing wrong with the student health center and I should go about my business. I complied with the gentlemen’s’ authoritative presence. They patted me down and ordered me to “move along.” At first I thought they were university officials, but I spoke to employees at the administration building who informed me San Francisco State staff can never physically harass students. I was going to complain but the two men in black are not affiliated with the school.

Journal Entry 3/10/11

Last week I saw the creature again, but this time it was roaming around the science building. Fortunately, I caught a better glimpse of the animal, and it looked like the alien musicians playing in the cantina in Star Wars Episode IV. When I think back to last week the men in suits told me nothing was going on. Maybe San Francisco State is in collusion with the United States Government. I should investigate this conspiracy theory. Maybe I am not the only person who has seen these “martian” sightings.