Description: Since part of the narrative is that an alien invasion actually happened in 1938 as well as several other times documents "confiming" those events exist as well. These documents which can be text, audio or video need to be created to back up our story.

Creator: David Daw

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Participants: David Daw


Strange Fire erupts in Daly City

--(KROM 51) March 22nd, an explosive boom was heard echoing throughout northern Daly City off around 88th Ave and Washington at 11:48 PM. Reports indicate that the boom was followed by a contagious fire, damaging four houses and a collective acre of property. No injuries resulted from the strange event. After the fire was successfully extinguished, an unidentified metallic element was recovered from the wreckage. Could this be advanced “alien” technology? Numerous locals have come fourth with odd details about the occurrence that took place. One resident who asked to remain anonymous described seeing a green light hovering close to the Daly City Bart station.

“I never thought I would hear myself saying this but I saw a UFO! It was huge! I biked passed it and this green light caught my eye. I stopped and just watched the thing. The disk was wobbling and vibrating, as if it was damaged.”

This is just one of many first hand accounts that have been made public throughout the last five years. In just he last month, six sightings have made local news. Observers and alien-enthusiasts alike believe that events of monumental proportions will soon grace terrestrial history. I guess we will have to see. San Franciscans take caution and report all findings to E.O.M. organization.

-Kasra Shakikhan