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This wiki is for organizing ideas for projects related to the "Explosions on Mars" ARG. Each idea for a project like a fake document or a flash mob related to the event can have it's own page where people interested in it can discuss it and coordinate.

Here's a list of important off-site links you guys will probably want to keep in mind. Feel free to add your blogs from class to the list.

Explosions on Mars Conspiracy Blog

Fuck Yeah Conspiracies

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Explosions on Mars Group

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Explosions on Mars is an ARG project about the power of fiction to effect reality and also martians.

Latest activityEdit

"Close Encounters" Club

This is a Facebook group in which people can discuss their alien encounters. We are asking you all to join! Our goal is to advertise this group around school (on fliers, on chalkboards in the bathrooms, etc.) and urge others to join. It would be a much more encouraging group if there were more than two members, so please join!

We will add documents to the page, which may resemble journal entries. Perhaps some of the documents will be stories of alien encounters from some of you, or from myself. In addition to posting documents, we will also engage in discussions and share relevant links (like all of yours'). I'll also post any sort of news that relates to an alien invasion.

Our ultimate goal is to organize a group meeting ouside of the Internet. If we have enough members (who aren't in this class), we will plan a club meeting that will make sense, have purpose, and hopefully won't lead the members to think we are frauds. It would be great to somehow record this meeting, and share it with the rest of your websites/groups. However, we don't know the legality of this.

League for Alien Manifestation Awareness (L.A.M.A.)